PhD students

Cederick is exploring optimization of the compression process using machine learning. He is exploring alternative actuation modalities to generate compression to the leg within a small time window of the cardiac cycle. Cederick is co-supervised by Sean Peterson and is part of a research team in Fluid Flow Physics Group exploring advanced compression technologies for improving lower limb blood circulation.


Email: c2landry[at]uwaterloo[dot]ca

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Julia is pursuing a Joint Interdisciplinary PhD between the School of Public Health and Health Systems, and Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. She is co-supervised by Dr. Ellen MacEachen.  Julia has a three-year appointment as Student Member of the Waterloo Institute of Complexity and Innovation.  Working with Schlegel Villages, her doctoral research focuses on building and validating data-driven models through a mixed-method design to classify, predict and better understand stress in front-line caregiving work. Findings will inform nursing home management decision making to ensure caregiver health and well-being. 

Email: julia[dot]goyal[at]uwaterloo[dot]ca

Julia Goyal

Tharindu is working  on the development of an AI-based system for optimizing preform designs in a warm forging process for manufacturing a Magnesium Alloy structural component. He aims to integrate finite element simulations and soft computing tools to evolve a design solution with minimal user involvement. 

Email: tabesinkodippili[at]uwaterloo[dot]ca

Tharindu Kodippili

Mohammad is working on the identification and mathematical modeling of multi-joint neuromechanics of walking and the design of controllers for assistive robotic systems. His primary focus is on unifying the data-driven parameter estimation methods with a variety of adaptive controllers benefiting from reinforcement learning such that the assistive device could perfectly and continuously adapt itself to the user's physical conditions and needs.

Email: smshushtari[at]uwaterloo[dot]ca

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Mohammad Shushtari

Master's students

Yesung is working on quantitatively modelling lower limb spasticity in spinal cord injury (SCI) using wearable sensors and machine learning, and developing a controller for a lower-limb exoskeleton that prevents spasticity-inducing regimes of motion.

Email: y2cha[at]uwaterloo[dot]ca

Yesung Cha

Sola is working on finding underlying cost functions for human movement control. His research interests include robotics, deep reinforcement learning, artificial neural networks, and computational neural science. 

Email: jiacheng[dot]weng[at]edu[dot]uwaterloo[dot]ca

Jiacheng (Sola) Weng

Undergraduate Research Assistants (URAs, Coop) and volunteers

Yihui (Lucy) Liu

I'm a Mechatronics student with a particular interest in problem solving through software and hardware integrations. For this project, I'll be working on a developing a software application for optimizing designs in a warm forging process for a Magnesium Alloy component!

Past Graduate Students

Kathleen is working on wearable systems for assessment and modelling of Parkinson's disease. She is under co-supervision of Prof. Etienne Burdet at Imperial College London. 

Kathleen Goldsmith

Past Undergrad Research Assistants and Volunteers

Winnie Wu

Winnie is working on human lower limb motor control.

Muneeb is working on development of

a IR-IMU fusion prototype.

Muneeb Saif Qadri

Kevin is working on a smart shoe to measure foot clearance.

Kevin Qiu

Cathy is working on a smart shoe insole that is able to detect gait pressure using force sensing resistors. The recorded data is displayed using a data acquisition device which can be used to predict unexpected falls and movements.

Cathy Qiu

Gabrielle Kim

"I have a profound interest in biomimetics, biomedical applications, and robotics. I am currently working on creating an impedance model for the knee and the hip, which can be used in future impedance control applications for lower limb exoskeletons."

Justin Memar-Makhsous

"I worked on building instrumented handles and analyzing data for modelling spasticity. I am interested in the design of electromechanical devices and the treatment of neurological conditions, especially brain injuries."

Yanqing Wu

Yanqing is working on gait modeling in Parkinson's disease.  

Parsa Torabian

Parsa is working on lower limb motor control.