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Milad was an AMTD Postdoctoral Fellow at our lab from September 2021 to December 2022. He was working on robot-based upper limb rehabilitation and motor control. From January 2023 to June 2023, Milad was a visiting researcher at our lab. 

Since January 2023 he is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta. 

IMG_3271 - Copy.JPG

Dr. Milad Nazarahari, PhD  (Assistant Professor at University of Alberta)

Rezvan completed a 2-year Postdoctoral Fellow research at Arami Lab, with a focus on design of controllers for lower limb exoskeletons. Rezvan has started a faculty position as an Assistant Professor at the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Tehran. 


Email: rezvan[dot]nasiri[at]uwaterloo[dot]ca

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Rezvan Nasiri (Assistant Professor at University of Tehran)


Cederick completed his PhD on using machine learning techniques to advance cuffless blood pressure estimation and providing reliable prediction of cuffless blood pressure with potential to be translated to the clinics. Cederick is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Mukkamala' Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. 

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For her Master's project, Kathleen worked on wearable systems for assessment and modelling of Parkinson's disease. She was under co-supervision of Prof. Etienne Burdet at Imperial College London.  Kathleen is currently a data scientist at Elvie. 

Kathleen Goldsmith   (Data Scientist at Elvie)


During his Master's studies, Yesung worked on quantitatively modelling of lower limb spasticity in spinal cord injury (SCI) using wearable sensors and machine learning.

Yesung Cha


Dusing his Master's studies, Sola worked on inverse optimal control and its application to recover optimal cost function for locomotion when applied to musculoskeletal models. Sola also worked on a curriculum reinforcement learning framework to generate natural locomotion for musculoskeletal models. 

Jiacheng (Sola) Weng  (Software developer, Capital One)

Sola (2).jpg

During her Master's studies, Hannah worked on movement dynamics prediction during walking and design controllers for lower limb exoskeletons. 

Hannah Dinovitzer (Consulting Analyst, Accenture, Canada)


Past Co-op, Undergrad Research Assistants and Volunteers

Julia Foellmer

Exchange student from Hamburg University of Technology. She worked on feedforward control of lower limb exoskeleton. 


Ria Parkash

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ria worked on gait phase estimator for exoskeleton assistance in real-time. 


Naomi Thomson

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Naomi worked on determining how respiration impacts blood flow, for external limb compression systems.


Amanda Power

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Amanda worked on  the development of VR-based game for stroke recovery.


Aditi Sandhu

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Aditi worked on modeling proprioception. 


Wendy Xu

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Wendy worked on lower limb exoskeleton data collection and controller design.


Ash Mahmoud

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ash worked on upper limb robot-assisted movements and motor learning. 


Nirosh Manohara

Nirosh is a 4th year co-op student working

on exoskeleton control and gait experiments.


Jai Prajapati

Jai is an undergraduate research assistant working on design of controllers in Python. 


Grace Chen

Grace is working on control of exoskeleton

with deep reinforcement learning.

(this is her second URA in our lab)


Thea Yu

Thea is working on myoelectric control of robotic systems. 


Jane Shen

Jane is working on evaluating proprioception using different robotic systems.


Jessica Yang

Jessica is continuing her work on foot clearance estimation and its validation during walking.

Jessica Yang

Jessica is working on foot clearance estimation during walking.

Leon Wang

Leon is working on functional electrical stimulation for lower limb assisted


Howard Nguyen-Huu

Howard is working on Myoelectric control of robotic systems.

Grace Chen

In her first URA, Grace was working on

DRL and Neuromechanics of walking.

I'm a Mechatronics student with a particular interest in problem solving through software and hardware integrations. For this project, I'll be working on a developing a software application for optimizing designs in a warm forging process for a Magnesium Alloy component!

Yihui (Lucy) Liu (co-op)


Jack W. Peifer-Dawson

As a volunteer, Jack worked on muscle Hill models and their application in functional electrical stimulation (FES).

Abby Tien

I’m a Biomedical Engineering student with an interest on developing systems that will benefit human health and wellbeing. I am currently working on some control system of a lower limb exoskeleton, as well as doing some data collection and processing.


Kayley Ting

Kayley is working on the prediction of Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease using machine learning techniques.

Winnie Wu

Winnie is working on human lower limb motor control.

Muneeb Saif Qadri

Muneeb is working on development of

a IR-IMU fusion prototype.

Kevin Qiu

Kevin is working on a smart shoe to measure foot clearance.

Cathy Qiu

Cathy is working on a smart shoe insole that is able to detect gait pressure using force sensing resistors. The recorded data is displayed using a data acquisition device which can be used to predict unexpected falls and movements.

Qinyang Bao

Qinyang worked on the design and development of a haptic device for human-robot interaction.  

Nathania Chan

Nathania worked on developing simple regression models for spasticity modeling.  

Raj Shah

Raj worked on software interface for sensor synchronization for spsticity modeling.  

Colin Cooke

Colin worked on Deep RL for standing balance in a musculoskeletal model .  


Yanqing Wu

Yanqing is working on gait modeling in Parkinson's disease.  

Parsa Torabian

Parsa is working on lower limb motor control.  

Gabrielle Kim

"I have a profound interest in biomimetics, biomedical applications, and robotics. I am currently working on creating an impedance model for the knee and the hip, which can be used in future impedance control applications for lower limb exoskeletons."


Justin Memar-Makhsous

"I worked on building instrumented handles and analyzing data for modelling spasticity. I am interested in the design of electromechanical devices and the treatment of neurological conditions, especially brain injuries."

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