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If you like to explore domains that don't exist yet, might seem to be nonsense to others or too risky or ambitious, you are at the right place ;) scroll down.

Undergraduate students

If you are interested in joining our lab please contact us through

(as a research assistant, internee, to do your design project, any other collaboration or volunteer research work)

Graduate students

We are always looking for driven PhD and Master's students who are interested in working on interdisciplinary projects.

There are a number of ways to join Arami lab. There are fully funded positions (see Open positions).

Besides, there are several scholarship schemes, such as OGS and NSERC, that are supporting Canadian and/or International students. In addition, the Faculty of Engineering offers scholarships to highly qualified PhD candidates and Master's students, however, these are mostly for Home students. Other sources of funding can be secured from the NSERC and other national and international research and funding councils. 


Interested students, both Home or international students, are advised to contact us at before applying for a scholarship.  


A postdoc position is open on a nationally funded biomedical project. Applicants with background and experience in 'data-driven modelling', 'system identification', 'dynamical systems and control', 'biomechanics and sensors', and 'neurophysiology' are encouraged to send an email to Arash and include your CV, graduate transcripts and up to half a page motivation description. Subject line: PostDoc-BioMed 

If you’re interested in applying for a fellowship and you are looking for a host, please do not hesitate to contact ArashSubject line: PostDoc-fellow 

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