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April 2019

Arash Arami gave a talk in the Biomechanics symposium of the Kinesiology department on smart implants and neuromechanic-based robotics. 

March 2019

Team Akomodi won the I-beam prize for their design of a multi-purpose wheelchair for CP children. 

February 2019

Arash Arami and Ning Jiang won CBB Seed Fund. 

November 2018

Robotics Manipulator course (ME547) will be given in Winter 2019. 

September 2018

A new graduate course titled Human Movement Neuromechanics (ME 780) is given in Fall 2018, 2019 .... 

July 2018

Arash Arami gave a talk in a CBB workshop.

May 2018

Gabrielle Kim, Justin Memar Makhsous and Yanqing Wu joined as Undergrad Research Assistants.

March 2018

Arash Arami gave an invited talk at Grand River hospital.

January 2018

New publication in Annals of Biomedical Engineering: Knee Implant Loosening Detection: A Vibration Analysis Investigation.

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